Misterious Project II: part 3 (EN version)

Posted by .:Tricoteiras:. Posted on jun - 03 - 2009

Part 3:

Now there are changes in the chart. ALL the rows are shown. It’s because not all the even-numbered rows are purled.

The chart shows the rows as they look AT THE RIGHT SIDE OF THE WORK. So, if you are doing a WRONG SIDE ROW, you need to “invert” the stitches: the symbol for a purl AT THE RIGHT SIDE means a knit WHEN YOU’RE WORKING A WRONG SIDE ROW. So, the symbol [-] means a purled stitch in a right-side row, but it means a knitted stitch in a wrong-side row; the symbol [ | ] means a knitted stitch in a right-side row, but a purled stitch in a wrong-side row; the symbol [ / ] means k2tog in a right-side row and a p2tog in a wrong-side row.

Furthermore, this chart doesn’t show all the stitches. You’ll repeat the part outlined in red 24 times at each row before going on to the end of the graphed row.  Projeto Misterioso II

And don’t forget the 4-stitches garter border at the beginning and at the end and the central knitted stitch!

Read the row-by-row description below and compare it to the chart:

Row 53: p4, yo, p49, yo, k1, yo, p49, yo, p4.
Row 54: p4, k51, p1, k51, p4.
Row 55: p4, yo, p51, yo, k1, yo, p51, yo, p4.
Row 56: p4, k53, p1, k53, p4.
Row 57: p4, *yo, 26 × [k2tog, yo], k1, yo,* k1, repeat from * to *, p4.
Row 58: purl.
Row 59: p4, yo, p55, yo, k1, yo, p55, yo, p4.
Row 60: p6, 27 × [p2tog, yo], p4, 27 × [p2tog, yo], p5.
Row 61: p4, yo, k57, yo, k1, yo, k57, yo, p4.
Row 62: p4, k59, p1, k59, p4.
Row 63: p4, yo, p59, yo, k1, yo, p59, yo, p4.
Row 64: p4, k61, p1, k61, p4.
Row 65: p4, yo, p61, yo, k1, yo, p61, yo, p4.
Row 66: p6, 30 × [p2tog, yo], p4, 30 × [p2tog, yo], p5.
Row 67: p4, yo, k63, yo, k1, yo, k63, yo, p4.
Row 68: p4, k65, p1, k65, p4.
Row 69: p4, *yo, 32 × [k2tog, yo], k1, yo,* k1, repeat from * to *, p4.
Row 70: purl.
Row 71: p4, yo, k67, yo, k1, yo, k67, yo, p4.
Row 72: p4, k69, p1, k69, p4.
Row 73: p4, yo, k69, yo, k1, yo, k69, yo, p4.
Row 74: p4, k71, p1, k71, p4.

(At the end of Row 74 you’ll have 71 stitches in each triangle; total stitch count = 151 st).


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